Carl Nielsen: Three Pieces, Op. 59 (1928) Pianist – Heng-Jin Park

Carl NielsenCarl Nielsen (1865-1931) was a Danish composer, conductor, and violinist.  Known today primarily for his symphonic music, Nielsen also composed two operas, three concertos, and many choral, chamber, and solo piano and organ works.  I was introduced to him by my friend, pianist Andrew Rangell, who in 2009 released a CD of Nielsen’s “Luciferian” Suite, Op. 45.  In both that work and this one, I was struck immediately by the power and originality of Nielsen’s musical voice.  I knew at once that I had made a discovery of lasting importance for me.

This electrifying performance by Heng-Jin Park was recorded in March 2008 at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. This is Ms. Park’s second appearance on this blog.  Long-time readers may remember her extraordinary performance with the Boston Trio of Ravel’s Piano Trio in A minor, which I featured in September 2009.

The three movements of this piece are marked as follows: (I) Allegro fluente, (II) Molto adagio, and (III) Allegro non troppo.  The complete score is available at

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Maurice Ravel: Piano Trio in A minor performed by The Boston Trio

Ravel composed his Trio in A minor between March and September 1914, completing it just after the outbreak of World War I, and just before he enlisted in the French army.

I was introduced to this piece forty years ago, through the extraordinary Angel recording that features Yehudi Menuhin on violin, Gaspar Cassado on cello, and Louis Kentner on piano.  It quickly became one of my all-time best-loved pieces of classical music, a distinction it has kept to this day.

If you already know this work, you will be overjoyed to find a performance on YouTube that does it justice, together with impeccable quality sound and video.  If, however, it is new to you, then you are about to make a new best friend.  Even among Ravel’s many masterpieces, the A minor Trio stands out as being among the most passionate and personal music he ever wrote.

The Boston Trio is composed of pianist Heng-Jin Park, violinist Irina Muresanu, and cellist Allison Eldredge.  This video was made in concert on June 4, 2009 at Boston’s famed Jordan Hall.

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