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Hello – Welcome to “Derrick’s Blog”!

“Music isn’t enough.  Performers aren’t enough.  There must be someone who loves music as much as life.  For you, and remember this always, those of us with something urgent to say, we give everything.”

–  William Kapell

DPRThis blog is an outgrowth of my Facebook page, which I created  in early July 2009 primarily to share my love of classical music, which I tried to do via YouTube videos of selected artists and music.

My son David suggested that, for various reasons, a blog might be a better forum than Facebook for my “Video of the Day”.  David has had his own blog for some time, and understood its advantages better than I did.  One advantage that I see even at this early stage is that I won’t have to cope with the space limitations that I regularly encountered on Facebook.

I hope that my Facebook friends will forgive me for reprising many of the videos that I posted there.  Trust me: there will be a great deal of  new material as well, and it is my hope that both the old and new selections will reach a new audience here.  Besides, those videos are all worth a second look, aren’t they?

In addition to music, I look forward to sharing personal reflections, book and movie reviews, perhaps even a little poetry and autobiography.  Who knows: this blog may grow in ways I can’t foresee.

In any case, you, Gentle Reader, are encouraged to share your comments.  Nothing is so rewarding to a writer as feedback, so please, feel free to give yours.

Thanks for stopping by!


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