Claude Debussy: Suite “Pour le Piano” Pianist – Boris Feiner

As Elizabeth Middleton mentioned in the email quoted in the previous post, many classical music radio stations across the country have disappeared.  Here in Seattle, however, we are fortunate to have KING-FM broadcasting twenty-four hours a day at 98.1 on the FM dial.  I’m a regular listener to KING-FM, particularly when I’m in my car.  Although they consistently program more baroque (and less 20th-century) music than I would like, and persist in an annoying veneration of Mozart, I have nevertheless spent hundreds of hours over the years listening to KING-FM, and have been introduced to many pieces of music that have become favorites of mine.

The following video presents one of those favorites.  I was out running errands recently, with my car radio tuned as always to 98.1, when Debussy’s suite “Pour le Piano” came over the air, in a dazzling performance by French pianist Jean-Efflam Bavouzet.  I was captivated with the piece, and immediately made plans to feature it on this blog.  Although I couldn’t find a performance by Bavouzet on YouTube, I did find this wonderful performance featuring the Israeli pianist, Boris Feiner.

Born in 1981 in Kiev, Boris Feiner began studying piano at age 7.  He moved to Israel in 1991 and to Germany in 2004.  This recording was made in Bad Bergzabern on October 17, 2008.

If your local classical radio station is one of those that have ceased broadcasting, you can still enjoy KING-FM over the internet at

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