Hello – Welcome to “Derrick’s Blog”!

“Music isn’t enough.  Performers aren’t enough.  There must be someone who loves music as much as life.  For you, and remember this always, those of us with something urgent to say, we give everything.”

–  William Kapell

DPRThis blog is an outgrowth of my Facebook page, which I created  in early July 2009 primarily to share my love of classical music, which I tried to do via YouTube videos of selected artists and music.

My son David suggested that, for various reasons, a blog might be a better forum than Facebook for my “Video of the Day”.  David has had his own blog for some time, and understood its advantages better than I did.  One advantage that I see even at this early stage is that I won’t have to cope with the space limitations that I regularly encountered on Facebook.

I hope that my Facebook friends will forgive me for reprising many of the videos that I posted there.  Trust me: there will be a great deal of  new material as well, and it is my hope that both the old and new selections will reach a new audience here.  Besides, those videos are all worth a second look, aren’t they?

In addition to music, I look forward to sharing personal reflections, book and movie reviews, perhaps even a little poetry and autobiography.  Who knows: this blog may grow in ways I can’t foresee.

In any case, you, Gentle Reader, are encouraged to share your comments.  Nothing is so rewarding to a writer as feedback, so please, feel free to give yours.

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Dear Derrick,
    Thanks for inviting me your “Blog” site!
    But I should say that I’m not yet modernized like as you and have no technical facilities…
    Ravel is the name for me that I had listened his Bolero’s when I was 20 years old.And Beethoven,Motzard..

    Cemil Soğukçelik/Turkey.

    • Hello, Cemil! Thank you for your comment. I haven’t decided on any Mozart yet, but you can be sure there will be Beethoven in upcoming months!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to do this, Derrick. What a joy it was to click on wonderful music that would have taken me HOURS to search out myself. Knowing you, I trust your insight and critique of the music and movies which, again, helps give direction as to what avenue I take when seeking entertainment. What a great help this is since time is what I don’t have a lot of with raising four teenagers (one isn’t, but acts like she is) and holding two part-time jobs. Blessings to you ~ and may God continue to endow you with His wisdom and the time to share it.

    • Thank you, Candace. The best part is, there is so much more where this came from! I am making new discoveries all the time. I look forward to sharing them with you.

  3. Hi Derrick,

    I found this blog via WordPress. WordPress automatically links posts with similar topics, my last post being in fact on Marta Argerich, this goddess of piano music, and on another goddess of piano, Pauline O’Connor, not as famous as Argerich, but certainly not inferior to her.

    I think they knew each and respected each other quite a lot. Pauline often talked about Marta with appreciation. They were different though. Argerich had been pupil of Vincenzo Scaramuzza, this Argentine Italian from Crotone, Calabria, who justly stressed to her the importance of lyricism and feeling, while Michelangeli’s art – Pauline was his pupil – was a bit too premeditated, a flaw that possibly came to light in Chopin and other romantic authors.

    Pauline O’Connor at a very young age had relocated from Perth, Australia, where she was born, to Arezzo in Tuscany where she became Benedetti Michelangeli’s beloved pupil and like a sort of assistant to him.

    I am a witness of how Pauline ‘corrected’ Michelangeli’s extreme classicism with all her Celtic passion. She was a majestic & mostly refined piano performer, my piano teacher, and, much to my affliction, while preparing materials for my last post on music, I’ve just realised that she had passed away. I will never forget her.

    I am 61, a Roman from Rome, Italy. Music is one of the passions of my life, but I wasn’t neither intelligent nor lucky to make a profession out of it. I lacked both virtue and fortune, the former to a greater degree, I presume.

    Blogging is a great thing. It has much bettered my life.

    Writing in this beautiful language, which is not my own, has allowed me to discuss and share ideas with people all over the world. Fatiguing at times – you have so many words! – but well worth it.

    Excuse my long comment, I’m often like that.

    All my best regards

    Man of Roma


    • Thank you, Giorgio. I enjoyed exploring your blog.


      • We’ll see if we can have some mutual musical understanding.


  4. Your blog is wonderful and I enjoy reading it every time.
    Greetings from Romania.

    • Thank you, Ioana! I’m delighted that you found my blog.

  5. Thanks Derrick. I am ignorant with regard to classical music and feel I am missing out on something wonderful. I have been drawn to your blog to help me understand Schubert’s String Quartet in C Major. Your blog has been very helpful and has also given me many other leads to explore.

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. Your comment is going in my own personal “Comment Hall of Fame”!

      Anyone who is ignorant of classical music is indeed missing out on something wonderful. I am overjoyed to have played a part in introducing you to some of the music that has enriched my life. That’s why I started this blog in the first place.

      Best wishes,


  6. Terrific blog :). Thank you. I hope you’ll check out a wonderful cellist I represent, Diliana Momtchilova (www.dilianacello.com) – I feel like she’s your taste 🙂

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